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True Crime Conversations explores the world's most notorious crimes by speaking to the people who know the most about them. Hosted by Jessie Stephens.

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episode 35: The Eastern Suburbs Killer

In December 1932, a woman named Iris Marriott prepared dinner in a small flat in Sydney’s East.  It was the peak of the Great Depression and the Australian economy had collapsed. The unemployment rate had hit an unbearable 32 per cent.  While she cooked a lamb shank and vegetables, her partner sat at the kitchen table, looking through job ads.  It was Iris who financially supported them both...


 2020-02-13  36m

episode 34: Perfect Murder Or Tragic Accident: What Happened To Rebecca Zahau

Rebecca Zahau was in the bathroom when she heard a bang.  It was July 11, 2011, and the 32-year-old was caring for six-year-old Max Shacknai, the son of her 54-year-old boyfriend, Jonah Shacknai.  Jonah was a millionaire and the CEO of a successful pharmaceutical group and Rebecca had been dating him for two years. At first she thought the bang was a dog barking but when she ran towards it, she set off an unthinkable chain of events that would eventually lead to the loss of two innocent lives...


 2020-02-05  44m

episode 33: Katherine Knight: The Abattoir Murderer Of Aberdeen

It was 6am on March 1, 2000, when John Price’s neighbour noticed his car was still in the driveway. It struck him as unusual.  John’s supervisor noticed his absence at work too. An off-handed comment he’d made the day before made his co-workers feel uneasy. At 8:10am, Officer Matthews and Officer Furlonger arrived at John’s home.  His front door was locked. The two police men decided to walk around the side of the house, and break in through the back door...


 2020-01-29  40m

episode 32: The Claremont Serial Killer

Claremont was a buzzing, wealthy suburb, about 20 minutes from Perth, Western Australia. With pubs and bars along wide, safe streets.  It was known for its nightlife, with patrons often spilling out onto the footpath in the early hours of the morning.  But that all changed in 1996 when the disappearance of three young women made national headlines...


 2020-01-22  45m

episode 31: Best Of 2019: The Case Of Balcony Murderer Simon Gittany

This episode of True Crime Conversations is part of our 2019/2020 Holiday series. We've handpicked episodes from throughout the year that we though deserved another listen. In 2014 Simon Gittany was found guilty of throwing his 30 year old fiancé Lisa Harnum from the balcony of their shared 15th floor apartment. Simon maintained his innocence, saying that Lisa climbed over the railing of the balcony and fell to her death...


 2020-01-08  51m

episode 30: Best Of 2019: The Bowraville Murders

This episode of True Crime Conversations is part of our 2019/2020 Holiday series. We've handpicked episodes from throughout the year that we though deserved another listen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners should be advised that this episode contains the naming of deceased people, and the recounting of the circumstances leading to their deaths. Colleen Walker, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy-Duroux...


 2020-01-01  54m

episode 29: Best Of 2019: The Beauty Queen Killer

This episode of True Crime Conversations is part of our 2019 Holiday series. We've handpicked episodes from throughout the year that we though deserved another listen. Christopher Wilder is the Australian serial killer responsible for the biggest man hunt in US history. Wilder lured his victims by posing as a talent agent and model scout and beauty pageants across America...


 2019-12-25  1h4m

episode 28: The Sydney Siege: Part Two

15 hostages remain. For some, 10 hours of terror still awaits them.  On the afternoon of December 15, 2014, offices were evacuated and rumours spread of bombs planted all around Sydney city, while hostages remained trapped inside the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place.  One of Sydney’s most bustling pedestrian thoroughfares, which sat on the doorstep of the Lindt Cafe, was empty and deathly silent...


 2019-12-18  39m

episode 27: The Sydney Siege: Part One

It was looking to be a warm, busy day when Tori Johnson arrived at work just after 6am on a Monday morning in December 2014. The 34-year-old was in charge at the Lindt cafe in Martin Place, and the lead up to Christmas was always chaotic, with customers purchasing gifts, like the iconic chocolate Lindt balls, for friends and family. At 7:30am, the doors opened, with customers flooding in. Among them were 38-year-old barrister Katrina Dawson, with colleagues Julie Taylor and Stefan Balafoutis...


 2019-12-11  41m

episode 26: John Edwards And The Family Murder That Shook Australia

On a winter evening in July, 2018, West Pennant Hills sounded different. Usually quiet, the Thursday evening was polluted by blasting police sirens, all headed towards Hull Rd. When emergency personnel arrived, they came across a scene they wouldn’t ever forget.  An hour later, 36-year-old Olga Edwards arrived home from work to find her house surrounded by police and paramedics. When she was told what had happened inside, she collapsed from “severe shock”...


 2019-12-04  26m