Turtle Flakes

From the toys and games to the comics and cartoons, Turtle Flakes is a Saturday morning dose of all things classic and modern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


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Episode 21 – The Next Mutation, Episode 2: “East Meets West: Part Two”

In this episode, we go back to Dimension X to watch episode two of The Next Mutation! Will we dig or despise Venus de Milo? Will Mikey be funny or just plain creepy? Will Shredder be killed off or live on to terrorize the Turtles?


 2014-07-12  n/a

Episode 20 – Turtle Power

In this totally tubular interview, we talk with Isaac Elliot-Fisher, producer of the upcoming TMNT documentary called Turtle Power. Spoiler Alert: He’s awesome! Check out all things Turtle Power at: https://www.facebook.com/TurtlePowerMovie and www.


 2014-06-28  n/a

Episode 19 – Jim Lawson Strikes Back

In this totally tubular interview, we talk once again with legendary TMNT comic artist and writer, Jim Lawson! We discuss: – The IDW 30th anniversary comic issue and signing at Jetpack and Shellback Artworks with Eastman and Laird – The 4th Volume of t...


 2014-06-24  n/a

Episode 18 – Old Hob and Baxter are Jerks!

In this episode we discuss the current TMNT comics and cartoon! In addition to the Turtle news and pickups, here’s what we cover: April’s Antiquities – The 2012 Playmates April O’Neil action figure Casey’s Comic Classroom – IDW Series,


 2014-06-20  n/a

Episode 17 – The Next Mutation – Episode 1: “East Meets West”

In this new Green Screen miniseries, we watch the first episode of The Next Mutation with their pest of a friend, Baxter Stockman! Also featured in this episode is a very special announcement regarding episode 10!


 2014-05-30  n/a

Episode 16 – Happy 30th Birthday, TMNT!

In this episode, we celebrate the 30th birthday of the TMNT over a mondo slice of broccoli and eggplant pizza! Here’s what you shell-heads can expect in this totally bodacious episode: 1. Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the original issue 2.


 2014-05-11  n/a

Episode 15 – 4 Dudes in Dimension X

In this episode, we meet up with Michael and Justin, the hosts of 2 Dudes and a NES to talk about all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Oh, and they’re caught in Dimension X and encounter the Technodrome!


 2014-03-23  n/a

Episode 14 – The Manhattan Project

In this episode, we watch episodes 39 and 40 of the Nickelodeon TMNT series entitled “The Manhattan Project”.


 2014-03-16  n/a

Episode 13 – A Thing about Rats …and Party Wagons!

In this episode, we cover: – Turtle News: New IDW and Animated Adventures releases, Kevin the cat, the upcoming Manhattan Project Special, the Mutagen Mayhem DVD, etc. – April’s Antiquities: The original Playmates Party Wagon.


 2014-03-14  n/a

Episode 12 – The Path

In this episode, we cover: -Turtle News: The tragic loss of James Avery, new comic releases, and rumors about the TMNT film – April’s Antiquities: The new Classic Collection Bebop and Rocksteady figures – Casey’s Comic Classroom: The Tales of the TMNT ...


 2014-01-29  n/a