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TWiT Bit 2473: FBI Opens Phone, Case Closed?

Security ramifications of the FBI no longer needing Apple to unlock the device


 2016-03-30  9m

TWiT Bit 2472: Oculus Rift is Here

Peter gives the Oculus Rift praise for its comfort and ease.


 2016-03-29  12m

TWiT Bit 2471: Google Photos for Backup

The Google Photos app for iOS


 2016-03-29  4m

TWiT Bit 2470: Learn to Program with Minecraft

A Python programming book that helps you create in the world of Minecraft


 2016-03-28  6m

TWiT Bit 2469: Effects of Streaming Services on Music Biz.

The overall effects of music streaming services on the music industry.


 2016-03-27  7m

TWiT Bit 2468: How to Backup Your Blu-Ray Movies

How to digitally backup your DVD and Blu-Ray movies.


 2016-03-27  11m

TWiT Bit 2467: Microsoft's Tay AI Experiment

Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours.


 2016-03-27  6m

TWiT Bit 2466: The 2016 Vizio P-Series TV

Scott Wilkinson talks about the new Vizio P-Series TV.


 2016-03-26  8m

TWiT Bit 2465: Suicide and Gaming

"Take This" is a blog started by Russ Pitts and Susan Arendt


 2016-03-26  5m

TWiT Bit 2464: Netflix Throttles AT&T and Verizon Users

T-Mobile and Sprint both are not subject to this new policy


 2016-03-25  8m