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TWiT Bit 2493: Bill Atkinson: Birth of the Mac

Bill Atkinson on the Macintosh and its early days.


 2016-04-05  9m

TWiT Bit 2492: Election Tech and Big Data

How this election cycle is so different from previous years, and it revolves around campaign usage of big data tools and social media prowess.


 2016-04-05  7m

TWiT Bit 2491: The Year of VR

The recently released Oculus, updates to HoloLens, and the future of VR


 2016-04-04  15m

TWiT Bit 2490: Alternatives to Using a Mouse

Other input methods for those with problems using a mouse.


 2016-04-04  7m

TWiT Bit 2489: Oculus Rift for the First Time

Leo and studio guests try the Oculus for the first time.


 2016-04-03  10m

TWiT Bit 2488: What Is DNS and How to Pick Servers

What are DNS servers are and how to pick the right one.


 2016-04-02  7m

TWiT Bit 2487: Face2Face, 3rd-party Firmware, and Optevia

Face2Face allows one to overlay their lips on someone else.


 2016-04-02  2m

TWiT Bit 2486: When April Fools' Goes Wrong

GIF Minions can cause one to lose his/her job.


 2016-04-02  5m

TWiT Bit 2484: The Aftermath of FBI v Apple

The FBI v Apple case is over.. what next?


 2016-04-02  5h59m

TWiT Bit 2485: HoloLens Impressions from Build 2016

Tom Warren from The Verge details his impressions of HoloLens


 2016-04-02  3m