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WLM Podcast #89: THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE (by way of NEBRASKA) podcast with special guest Candice Knutson

It's HUNGER GAMES time again. Let's involve the great Candice Knutson in the conversation.


 2013-11-27  56m

WLM Exclusive: An interview podcast with the makers of the new documentary- MUDBLOODS

Matt goes into interview mode and gets his Q and A on.


 2013-11-01  1h13m

WLM Podcast #83: "We Like TV" - The BREAKING BAD-pod

In our first foray into "We Like TV" we take on the instant television classic BREAKING BAD.


 2013-10-02  1h30m

WLM Podcast #67 - SPRING BREAKERS and the Korine-Konundrum

We're gonna get on this SPRING BREAKERS train early and often.


 2013-04-02  59m

WLM Podcast #64- The WeLikeMovies MEGAPOD

There's much to discuss and we take our time in discussing it all.


 2013-01-18  2h15m

WLM Podcast #60 - SKYpodFALLcast

James Bond films turn 50, SKYFALL honors the franchise, and we gush about it all.


 2012-11-17  1h11m

WLM Podcast #59- CLOUD ATLAS podcast tsacdop SALTA DUOLC

One of our most anticipated films of 2012 has finally arrived and we're excited to discuss it as well as the beloved novel on which it's based.


 2012-11-03  1h15m

WLM Podcast #54: The Tony Scott Memorial Podcast

Tony Scott, one of the most successful yet misunderstood filmmakers of his generation has passed away. We take the opportunity to eulogize him.


 2012-08-30  1h8m

WLM Podcast #46: Score 1 For The Top 10 Film Scores

It's time to discuss our favorite film scores because why not?


 2012-05-24  1h2m

WLM Podcast #45: The Best Songs Ever Written FOR a Film

Songs written FOR the movie are the topic of discussion this week.


 2012-05-15  57m