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Luke 5:33 - 6:11

Introduction Luke has shown us over the past few weeks that Jesus has authority... in his teaching over demons over sickness over nature and this week we will see that he has authority over the law. Jesus was not a law breaker but... as the law giver, he knows the spirit of the law and the correct interpretation…


 2020-12-15  33m

Luke 8:16-25

Introduction Last week we looked at the parable of the soils. My belief is that most of the people attending church in this country are 3rd soil people. Those are folks who Jesus described as... 14 And as for what fell among the thorns, they are those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked…


 2020-11-01  35m

Luke 6:20-42

Introduction Good morning. This is going to be a tough sermon this morning. Some of the sermons in Daniel were tough because the passages took a lot of study and then I had to figure out how to relay to you what I learned clearly and within the time frame. This is hard in a completely different way.…


 2020-09-28  31m

Luke 4:14-44

Introduction Last week we saw the temptation of Jesus by Satan in the wilderness. We saw that while Jesus was hungry, isolated, and weak in the flesh he still overcame Satan. He knew what the Word of God said, and how to apply it. We too can have victory over temptation by knowing and correctly applying…


 2020-09-14  30m

Luke 4:1-13

Today we are going to look at the temptation of Jesus. It is more accurate to say one of the temptations of Jesus, because we will read that after Jesus successfully rebuffed Satan’s attempts, Satan departed until an opportune time. == You will sometimes hear Jesus referred to as the second Adam. The…


 2020-09-14  29m

Luke 5:1-32

Introduction Good Morning! Last week we saw the authority of Jesus... in His teaching over demons and over sickness Ultimately, right before His time on earth was done, he told his disciples that ALL authority had been given to him. == Chapter 5 shows us the holiness of Jesus. I want to give you our…


 2020-09-13  20m

Luke 3:15-38

Introduction Last week we saw John the Baptist proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. We talked about what repentance is and what it produces in the life of a believer. We saw that repentance means unconditional surrender to God. For those of us who have repented, He is the…


 2020-08-24  31m

Luke 3:1-14

Introduction Good morning! (missed you - vacation - hope you missed me) When you think of the preaching of John the Baptist, what comes to mind?... What was his central message? (Repentance) Why do you suppose that message is largely absent today? People will not often tolerate being told what to do…


 2020-08-22  34m

Luke 2 (August 2, 2020)

Introduction Luke tells us basically everything that we know about the early life of Jesus. There is a whole lot that we do not know. Having three kids, I cannot imagine what a sinless 2 year old would look like... Can you? Lots of parents who don’t believe in the doctrine of man’s depravity and original…


 2020-08-11  29m

Mercy (July 26,2020, AM)

Introduction wk 1 we saw 2 different responses to the Word of God Zechariah - doubted and wanted a sign got a sign - he was struck dumb Mary - accepted with humility and submission (even though didn’t understand) Hopefully we learned to respond like Mary when we encounter the Word of God - lk 1.38 38…


 2020-07-27  31m