What Came Up?

With life, there are always Questions , it’s natural to ponder the big things, however Sometimes you find or meet people who wonder about the things that are less likely to be perplexing, but to them it consumes their thoughts. Hi my name is DeeJ I love pop culture, and I also love holidays, but most of all I love thinking about obscure things, like why we don’t combine words that are alliterative or how the whole specifies of that spider is called “Daddy Long Legs” even if it’s female or a baby. Or how sharks don’t know that camels exist! That’s bothersome and nobody is talking about it. So here I am. Join me on this journey as we wander through my wonders of the days, weeks, months and find out What Came Up during those times.


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Back To The Future VR

Interview with David Vaillancourt and Robert Scott LaForge of ForgeFX Training Simulation Software all about their Virtual Reality based game


 February 22, 2022  1h5m

Early 20th Century Slang

There’s nothing in the world quite like hurling a good insult, but let’s face it: Modern-day zingers are super boring.


 February 18, 2022  8m

 February 16, 2022  7m

Fan Service Love It or Hate It

Fan service is here to stay! and thats a good thing but why is everyone complaining about it?


 February 14, 2022  11m

The Illustrious “OPE”

Ope is a tiny exclamation of surprise, a word you would use if, say, you accidentally bumped into somebody. As in:


 January 28, 2022  14m

[OTC] The “buh” in Bye

buh-bye interjectionSave Word  \ bə-ˈbī  \ Definition of buh-bye informal: GOOD-BYE, BYE-BYEBuh-bye, frumpy maternity frocks—hello fitted, flattering pregnancy fashions.— Elizabeth Haas, American Baby, April 2


 January 24, 2022  8m

[TV] Getting To Know Me/Cobra Kai Season 4 Review

In life there are always questions, its natural to ponder the big things, and sometimes you meet someone who wonders


 January 18, 2022  12m