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Day 285: Covfefe boy.

1/ Trump spent yesterday "seething" as he watched the Mueller probe unfold on TV. 2/ Team Trump dismissed Papadopoulos as a "liar," their "coffee boy," and just a "young, low level volunteer" 3/ Court documents show that Papadopoulos shared his ...


 2017-10-31  5m


It's indictment day! 1/ In a 12-count indictment, Robert Mueller charged Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates with conspiracy to launder more than $18 million. 2/ Trump's former foreign policy adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. 3...


 2017-10-30  5m

Day 281: Significant concerns.

1/ Trump hasn't imposed sanctions on Russia because Rex Tillerson dissolved the office that implements them. 2/ Trump claimed that it's "commonly agreed" that he didn't collude with Russia. 3/ Republican lawmakers intend to wind down their Trump...


 2017-10-27  3m

Day 280: Bullet.

1/ The House passed its budget blueprint, which maps out the recommended spending and revenue levels for the 2018 fiscal year. 2/ Trump said the soldier’s widow must be wrong because he has "one of the greatest memories of all time." 3/ After mo...


 2017-10-26  4m

Day 279: Drain the swamp.

1/ Senate Republicans repealed a rule that allowed Americans to sue their banks and credit card companies in class-action lawsuits. 2/ The House Ways and Means Committee chairman declined to rule out changes to 401(k) plans. 3/ The head of Cambr...


 2017-10-25  3m

Day 278: Alert the daycare staff.

1/ Two House panels opened a joint investigation into the Justice Department's actions during the 2016 campaign. 2/ Trump's personal lawyer will meet with the House Intelligence Committee today. 3/ The firm behind the Trump Dossier asked a judge...


 2017-10-24  5m

Day 277: Outdated, unnecessary, ineffective.

1/ Betsy DeVos rescinded 72 guidelines that protect the rights of disabled students. 2/ Trump rush-shipped condolence letters to military families last week after he falsely claimed he had called or written letters to "virtually all" of the famil...


 2017-10-24  5m

Day 274: Elected by the American people.

1/ The Senate approved its budget by a 51 to 49 vote. 2/ Trump falsely attributed a spike in UK crime to a "spread of Radical Islamic terror." 3/ Putin called on Americans to respect Trump. 4/ A federal judge refused to void Joe Arpaio’s convic...


 2017-10-20  5m

Day 273: Who knows.

1/ George W. Bush all but called Trump a threat to democracy. 2/ Trump suggested that the Democratic Party, the FBI, or the Kremlin paid for the dossier. 3/ Trump's former campaign manager met with the Senate Intelligence Committee for a closed-...


 2017-10-20  4m

Day 272: Knew what he signed up for.

1/ Trump denied telling the widow of a fallen soldier "he knew what he signed up for." 2/ Trump backed off his support for the bipartisan healthcare deal. 3/ Paul Ryan does not support the Alexander-Murray healthcare bill. 4/ A second federal j...


 2017-10-18  5m