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    Finding hope after loss. Beverly's story on healing after losing her son in a drunk driving accident, and then her husband to suicide.
    2021-09-21 (duration 1h4m)
    05:14 Nicholas was at the time of
    33:26 suffered from depression, or
    02:19 give up. She battled depression
    How to fix attachment issues. Adam Lane Smith's story on attachment.
    2021-08-31 (duration 1h13m)
    06:32 start nosediving into depression
    06:38 depression comes from right
    56:08 where your depression symptoms
    How grief counseling can help after loss. Martika's story on her path to heal others that grieve.
    2021-08-05 (duration 1h19m)
    36:48 depression, depression would
    38:42 guilt, depression, acceptance
    00:12 the sadness and depression and
    Victim to survivor. Ginn's story on healing from sexual abuse.
    2021-07-13 (duration 1h3m)
    11:11 the depression kind of setting
    Mel’s Mental Health Must Haves
    2021-07-07 (duration 57m)
    05:11 depression then on top of this,
    07:20 rid of your depression, you want
    Trusting yourself. Tim's story on walking out of hell from Long Haulers.
    2021-06-15 (duration 1h26m)
    11:02 depression, even though your
    1:05:10 spark like depression didn't
    Igniting your inner voice and intuition. Lauren Jean's story on Inner Voice Facilitation and Rapid Transformational Therapy.
    2021-06-08 (duration 1h7m)
    28:07 depression? Wait, what whatever?
    31:02 to depression to trauma to this
    Purpose driven. Joe Delagrave's story on turning obstacles into miracles.
    2021-05-18 (duration 1h13m)
    1:02:52 I've battled with depression,
    Helping others heal. Stacey's story on healing through her son's heroin addiction and finding her higher purpose.
    2021-05-04 (duration 1h15m)
    42:40 has anxiety and depression.
    08:35 depression and anxiety a couple
    Finding the silver lining. Positive Change Expert and Author, Rick Ornelas shares his story, along with giving tips on how we can become positive change experts in our own lives.
    2021-04-20 (duration 1h7m)
    34:51 with depression, with anxiety,
    35:27 struggling with depression, I
    12:09 really dark depression. But I
    Connie Neal's story: Transforming traumas into dreams come true.
    2021-04-06 (duration 1h27m)
    03:35 the, you know, the depression or
    74: How to Scale A Consulting Business with Alzay Calhoun
    2021-09-14 (duration 53m)
    08:17 after the depression, worry and
    72: Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence with Irvine Nugent
    2021-08-31 (duration 34m)
    10:03 Two, and the depression and some
    All About Vaping: A Breath Of Fresh Air
    2021-05-23 (duration 30m)
    12:21 of suicidal thoughts depression
    Movie Nostalgia: Wayne & Trev's Excellent Adventure
    2021-03-07 (duration 40m)
    06:55 depression things and I always
    Living Fast, Dying Young or The 27 Club
    2021-01-13 (duration 45m)
    08:00 depression,
    Yule Monsters and Good Saint Nick
    2020-12-16 (duration 55m)
    [from description] ...ked. Along the way, we’ll also look at Santa’s origins in St. Nicholas of Myra.Have a topic suggestion? Email us at
    [from content:encoded] ...ked. Along the way, we’ll also look at Santa’s origins in St. Nicholas of Myra.Have a topic suggestion? Email us at
    00:17 Nicholas
    17:01 Nicholas,
    27:02 Nicholas,
    Pen Pals With A Killer Clown
    2020-12-02 (duration 52m)
    43:58 depression,
    43:59 depression.
    46:04 depression
    Flatwoods Monster
    2020-10-27 (duration 45m)
    05:48 depression
    Mercy Brown and Black Aggie
    2020-10-27 (duration 55m)
    42:19 depression
    Cape Town: Corona Aesthetics and Theater
    2020-11-15 (duration 34m)
    22:33 Certainly initially there was a lot of depression and you know, people who left the industry, there were people who committed suicide.
    Podcasters React to "The Social Dilemma" + IAB Certified Stats
    2020-09-25 (duration 46m)
    33:03 rates of anxiety and depression
    33:55 set out to increase depression
    A Flexible Open Source ERP Framework To Run Your Business
    2020-03-23 (duration 1h7m)
    58:44 user interface. I think that something big for the future of Triton is the LPS that long term support which was just added maybe about a year ago and as we've talked about, Triton has been around for round 10 years. And has had this philosophy of we are willing to break things to improve things. And so that Cedric was saying there's a new release every six months, traditionally, those releases had only received a year of support. And so there was some aspect of conveyor belt of needing to upgrade to the new versions. But now, we have gotten to where this core Triton functions, I think are pretty stable. I mean, so for example, Nicholas described earlier that it transitioned to the Active Record Model A few years ago, and that that was quite a bit of API changes, but I don't there haven't been any changes like that in since then are in quite a while and I think that Triton is now stable enough that as you can hear from what Cedric Nicholas are describing as new addition features like support for browser plugins. That's not going to be sort of breaking changes that would threaten existing installs. And so I think that a big driver of more people starting to use Triton is knowing that they have LTS that they have five years of support in the version that they install and greater stability to the API. And the the fact that the core devs have been willing to make such changes. It has gotten Triton to where it is now, which I think that there are very elegant idioms that it's using. It's a very nice system to code in. And now that that's not changing so much long term support is possible. And like I said, I think that that's going to be a big driver of more and more people using Triton
    Python's Built In IDE Isn't Just Sitting IDLE
    2019-12-24 (duration 36m)
    04:03 yeah. So asked actually asked Guido about this in preparation for this podcast. And what he told me is that back in 1998, he just thought he was looking at IDs and specifically Visual Studio, which was ruling the windows world of software development. And he said, Well, it would be cool if we had something like that for Python. And Jen just started hacking on it. So we know, we'd have an arrest on the original creator of Python was also the original creator of it. And this is after he mentioned that in 95, he also created a browser, so he had a previous history of creating things that he just thought would be cool and doing that with Python. So that was the original motivation, and it sort of grew from there at some point that was in 98. In 2000, there was a discussion with several developers who, some of who don't join Greedo working on idol and they decided that they wanted to add a few major features and changes to idle, which they did in the form of creating a new project they called idle fork, which they developed outside of the main repository of idle for a couple of years. This was led by David Sure, along with Nicholas Riley and Peter Schneider camp. So they worked on that they added an RPC mechanism so that the Python commands themselves in the interactive shell would be running a sub process and make keep the GUI responsive at all times. and a bunch of other things which are we take for granted as being central features of idle came about that project. And that was merged back into the core Python code base in 2002. When the project was, excuse me in 2003, with the idle fork project was completed
    Andrew's Adventures In Coderland
    2019-10-15 (duration 1h0m)
    [from content:encoded] ...entures In Coderland Nicholas Tollervey 1843 Magazine The Economist Free Code Camp Code Golf Moon Dust book about the ast...
    08:49 And so as you mentioned, you have decided to make your particular home in the Python language and its community and we were introduced by a sharing acquaintance of Nicholas taller be who's been on the show before? And so I'm curious how it is that you first got introduced to Python?
    22:54 had that's not that's not really the goal, but I do want to be able to do useful things with it, and I particularly Get involved in the in the area of civic code and, and go to my local when I'm in town and and i'm not researching and so on. I go to my local Code for America group in in Oakland. And I think that's fantastic and that's something I do want to do with it. But trying to do the two things together at the same time is even more difficult than I thought I did. So my progress and coding has been slower than I would have liked but I am making progress and and and have started to learn I've just been learning Ruby, and also supercollider which is a sound generation it generates synthesizer so degenerate sound, but it's also a programming environment for writing music. And, and I'm, that's quite that's quite a tricky language but but I've been doing that and Sonic Pi as well which is a Python. Sorry so so basically built on Ruby, but its its own it's Nicholas told me the other week is going to DSL domain specific leverage So, so I'm Yes, I'm spreading my wings and spreading my wings, and still really working out what I want to do with it. So if you have any ideas
    09:49 great to that. And so I did that thing that I think a lot of people do, I thought well, or, you know, websites, I guess, did a bit of research. Everyone says JavaScript and it's very widely used and so on, and seemed like a good bet. And so I started off with JavaScript. And I went on Free Code Camp, which I think is, is a really good site. I know Quincy know, who runs it, who was very helpful in the beginning. And, and so I started with HTML and CSS has and bootstrap. And I enjoyed that. And it was fun and learned to, you know, make a webpage and so on. What about to JavaScript, obviously very useful and improving rapidly, but I didn't, I didn't like it. And the reason I didn't like I realized after a while is that I spend a lot of time thinking about syntax in my in my day job as a writer. And JavaScript just looked sort of messy to me. It was actually an aesthetic thing that I didn't like about it, and which seems crazy. But when I started to talk to people about it, I realized to you know, experienced programmers about it, I realized that they'd all been trying to nudge me toward Python. Anyway. So I looked at Python and immediately felt at home with it. I love the elegance of it. The syntax is really good. It's so clever as well, the way it's organized. And I love the philosophy behind it, too. I, you know, know Guidoni now and, and I joke to him, saying it's the very Dutch language to me, I have a lot of Dutch friends having lived in England for a long time. And, and there's something about the personality of the language that it's it's not showing, it's another language to show off in that philosophy of their philosophy of being, you know, ideally one way of doing things rather than 25. I would imagine code golf is probably a lot less interesting and fun than it is in JavaScript where it can be quite amazing. And so I just felt I felt at home with it straight away and just liked it. And then I went to pi con I went to my second one this year, but I went my first one was the previous year. 2018 after Nicholas said, you know, you should really go if you if you're enjoying the language. And I just fell in love with the community here to me it was like walking into Woodstock or something. It was just all these people doing interesting things, very bright, very welcoming and inclusive. And I just, I don't know, that was just something I immediately felt at home and I liked it a lot. And I hope that I will carry on going, you know, for years to come now, I certainly intend to. So that was that was how I arrived at Python.
    Learning To Program In Python With CodeGrades
    2019-08-12 (duration 1h4m)
    [from description] ...ave been attempted to achieve this goal with varying levels of success. Nicholas Tollervey has begun a new effort that blends the approach adopted by musicians and martial ...
    [from itunes:summary] ...ave been attempted to achieve this goal with varying levels of success. Nicholas Tollervey has begun a new effort that blends the approach adopted by musicians and martial ...
    [from content:encoded] ...ave been attempted to achieve this goal with varying levels of success. Nicholas Tollervey has begun a new effort that blends the approach adopted by musicians and martial ...
    08:28 Nicholas Tollervey: a really great question. Um, so
    03:20 Nicholas Tollervey: so co greets is an experiment to help folks learn about
    1:03:31 Nicholas Tollervey: Thank you very much. It's been it's been great to be here.
    When doctors lose someone they love, with Dr Jo Scrivens
    2019-11-26 (duration 40m)
    31:26 depression
    S1 Episode 2: The Future of AI and Ethics with Minter Dial
    2019-06-03 (duration 23m)
    05:18 depression
    05:33 depression.
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