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episode 15: The Midlife Cyclist

This episode of Explore was recorded in March 2022, when Lionel Birnie travelled to Berkshire to meet Phil Cavell.

Lionel fitted squarely into the demographic Phil was writing for in his book The Midlife Cyclist and, as one of the people behind Cyclefit, has spent years trying to make riders more comfortable, more efficient and more powerful on the bike.

As the years tick by and the likelihood of aches and pains on and off the bike rises, the middle aged cyclist has to pay more attention to their position, their pre- and post-ride regimes and their diet. But getting old does not mean slowing down. In fact, many riders in their 40s and 50s – and even older – are riding better than ever thanks to advances in our understanding of how to keep the body in good condition. Over a coffee Lionel and Phil chatted all things cycling.

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The Cycling Podcast was founded in 2013 by Richard Moore, Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie.

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