Mr. Throwback Thursday

Join award winning hosts Bill Winters and Jamie Robinson, as they take you back to a time where hip-hop meant something. A time where you were not ashamed to say, "I AM HIP-HOP!" We are here every week to talk classic hip-hop, you should be too!


476: The Book of TBT

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week we bring you a Fresh in Peace, cooking with YoYo, Snoop getting in the coffizzle biznizzle, Juvenile drinking that thing up, Muscle Simmons stirring up the whole hip hop world, and the return of the legendary Kool Keith ! What else? ….Let’s listen.

* Fresh in Peace

* Shoop n Pepa

* DLB‘s Rockin It

* You Can’t Cook With the YoYo

* Sequence Hill Gang

* Snoop Coffee Dogg

* Drank That Thing Up

* New Keith!

* Let Mel Be Wilt

* Wu Newsa. W.A.S.A.b. DJ Wu-rkshop

* One and Done – Ghetto Philharmonic

* Record of the Week – De La Soul “De La Soul is Dead“

* Old to the New – Kool Keith x Real Bad Man ft. Ice T and Atmosphere “Fire & Ice”

* Bill Reads Lyrics

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 2023-03-16  2h1m