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episode 18: Trek Takes 6: THE BOUNTY

Welcome to episode six of a special bonus series here on Mysterious Goings On...TREK TAKES. What is TREK TAKES? Well, Star Trek fans... PICARD is back for the third and final season, and as a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer Lucas Hardwick, sharing their "first takes" on every episode--coming at you every Friday morning throughout the 10-episode show.

This week: it's Lucas and Alex's first take on the sixth episode of season three of PICARD: THE BOUNTY.  Up for discussion--What’s a Vulcan Patty Melt got to do with the latest episode of #StartrekPicardSeason3 THE BOUNTY? Nothing really but that’s what we’re here for. And is Locutus up to his old tricks? We don’t know either. Is the night at the museum too rich a helping of poached eggs for one episode? Is Geordie a cranky commodore and is that a good thing? What's the deal with the cloaking device and the Defiant? Is Deanna a damsel? JACK actually the son of a DIFFERENT Enterprise captain? OLD YELLOW EYES IS BACK!


  • Why did they have to go to the HMS Bounty when the cloaking device of the Defiant was more modern and contemporary and in better shape?
  • Did Jack feel relieved to have a diagnosis for his symptoms?

...and much more. Listen in!

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