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episode 32: Inspiration On Wheels

People who don't get what they want often say life is unfair. Well, tell that to someone who lost the ability to use his legs at a prime age. Then, imagine waking up to an experience that would change your life forever. 

Today's guest is a wonderful human who can overcome life's toughest challenges. NC Shop Talk welcomes Mal's good friend, Scott Chesney, to the show!

Scott is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and life coach, presenting to over 1.5 million people in 43 countries. His clients call him “The Commander in Change.” He has navigated life in a wheelchair for nearly 37 years after awakening to paralysis at the age of 15 from a sudden spinal stroke. 

Scott has amassed a resume of transformational experiences, powerful insights, and inspiring stories that cut to the core of the human spirit. And that's what you're going to hear in today's episode. Need some inspiration? There's plenty for you to hear. 

“Never allow what you see on the outside to dictate how you're going to treat someone on the inside.”

– Scott Chesney

In This Episode:

  • A brief background about Scott Chesney and how he and Mal first met
  • Scott shared what it was like to wake up with a numbness that would forever change his life 
  • How to play basketball while strapped on a wheelchair
  • The only positive thing we can do with our past
  • Mal narrates some emotional experiences from his past that are forever etched in his memory
  • How Scott deals with people who give him a peculiar look or react differently towards him
  • Scott gives an inspirational message for kids and adults who may be having a difficult time accepting their disability 
  • Let's have some fun with Scott as he takes on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat
  • Scott talks about how he overcame one of the toughest challenges in his life–fatherhood
  • What's the most important part of being a motivational speaker?

And more!

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 March 29, 2023  49m