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episode 22: Kathy Forti’s Library of Truth

Kathy Forti, Ph.D. joins us to discuss her near-death experience that led to her multi-genre book, Stacks Library of Truth⁠, about a Library of Congress employee who discovers an interdimensional portal leading to a Library of Truth, which reveals secrets about world leaders and politicians.

“It’s hard to explain what happened to me, how I survived, and the amazing creativity that came about as a result of almost dying,” says Forti.

She also discussed her character Zach Eldridge, who has acquired savant syndrome and synesthesia, and how he is trying to uncover the truth. The human fascination with conspiracy theories and the importance of research when writing a book, and the importance of listening to one's intuition are also on tap.

Listen in!

"What initially seems like a simple crime story expands into other realms... A compelling mystery that combines ancient knowledge, modern evil, and unlikely heroes." -- Kirkus Reviews on Stacks Library of Truth

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