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Using DevOps to Drive Organizational Agility and Innovation | ChefConf 2016

Industry analyst Ben Kepes provides insights on how integrating DevOps practices enables organizations to deliver business outcomes more rapidly. He discusses how DevOps is more about culture and communication than technology alone—and how to foster a culture across an organization that supports agility and innovation. He explains how agility can be further enhanced by a heterogeneous development environment, automation tools, and a cloud infrastructure. He ends by taking a look at the current and future state of DevOps and recommends steps an organization can take to become more agile.

Find a topic:

  • [00:55] What is DevOps?
  • [02:45] Fostering a DevOps culture
  • [09:11] The DevOps toolset
  • [11:18] DevOps and the cloud
  • [12:55] The importance of automation
  • [15:45] Current and future state of DevOps
  • [21:57] Organizing for agility and innovation

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 2016-08-19  24m