I Should Be Writing

"I should be writing" is what people say, but they rarely do it. This podcast is designed to help you get past those blocks, whether it's what your teacher told you when you were a kid, to being totally sure you'll never be as good as (FAV AUTHOR) so you might as well quit.



episode 1: [ISvBW] Where it all began...

Hey folks! I'm starting a new podcast, re-releasing old ISBW episodes with commentary! This episode is the ONLY one that will clog up the ISBW feed; to continue listening you will need to go to the site to get the new-old podcasts. 


And so it begins: I Should Be Writing is new again with classic podcasts from 2005! If you wonder what I Should Be Writing sounded like back in the old days, when podcasting was new and before I was published, look no farther! I'm releasing most of my old episodes with commentary, and maybe some new interviews with old friends. The shows will also be released with transcriptions for free, but Patreon supporters will get the episodes first, and annotated transcripts too!

The show is super new, but for now you can subscribe via the feed. I'll have specific podcatcher links soon!

Where It All Began
I Should've Been Writing S1 Ep1

Transcribed Thu, Jun 01, 2023
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