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"Serious About Freedom? Get My Pilgrimage!" Russ Shaw, ASI Podcast

Over the years I've had many authors, speakers and pastors as guests on the podcast. I've not endorsed anyone's work as much as I've been interested in them as people. Seth Taylor's book feels like redemption and my pilgrimage program is something I stand behind not only because Seth and I are friends but because of the research I myself have diligently pursued over the last 11 years of podcasting on the topics of addiction, theology, compulsive behavior, intimacy, psychology, social psychology, Church, spirituality and well-being. From mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy, bodywork muscle memory locked in our physical being due to past traumas too biblical Christian theology that is rooted in the experienced, transformative faith of the desert fathers. A time before the Reformation before even Roman Catholicism. The way of early Christians that walked with Jesus and live by the Spirit. Are all included in this work. And while I still don't agree with every human being on everything I am endorsing Seth Taylor and his brother's work with my pilgrimage and the book feels like redemption. If you're serious about overcoming the most stickiest of addictions and the most stubborn of compulsive behaviors I highly recommend this work. My Pilgrimage: A Guide on the Road to Redemption


 2016-09-17  23m