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episode 34: Goolsby Customs & Their Rise

How do you go from doing something simple to jumping into business ownership? What does it take to transform a small business into something bigger than yourself? Jonathan Goolsby has been customizing anything he could get his hands on for over twenty years, starting at home in the garage and then as the head painter for the local Chevrolet dealership for over twelve years. 

During that time, genuine friendships were born, and many custom cars were built for a growing customer base. At about the same time, Goolsby Customs was able to foster collaboration between many high-profile builds and supporting industry sponsors, resulting in numerous magazine features and covers and several SEMA show builds. 

In late 2004, the allure of owning a business and the vision to elevate the quality of custom car craftsmanship inspired Jonathan and Vonda Goolsby to take the leap and open Goolsby Customs. For the past fifteen years, they have worked with their talented family of employees to build a solid customer base that is growing every day, along with a level of excellence that is hard to find in this industry. Today you'll hear the story directly from the guy who knows it best. NC Shop Talk welcomes the man behind Goolsby Customs - Jonathan Goolsby!

“If something's gonna happen to it, it can always be fixed.”

– Jonathan Goolsby

In This Episode:

  • How Mal met Jonathan
  • What was Jonathan's childhood like, and how did he start working with cars?
  • What led Jonathan to jump into the business of car dealerships?
  • What drives Jonathan to push forward, and what does he look forward to every day?
  • What do the day-to-day operations look like for Goolsby Customs? 
  • Jonathan gets on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat (discover some fun stuff about Jonathan)
  • Details about The Goodguys “Next Generation” Award by Goolsby Customs
  • What was the tipping point behind Jonathan's move to scale their operations and grow the business?
  • Jonathan shares his design process and how he collaborates with other artisans to get the desired look for a car
  • Where does Jonathan value the interior part of the build compared to the rest of the car?
  • Who manages Goolsby's social media presence?
  • Behind the scenes of some of Jonathan's most incredible builds
  • Why competition is good for you (ditching the participation trophy mentality)


And more!

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