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Ann Beal is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, and International Speaker. She is the owner and director of Life Solution Coaching and Counseling, a full-service wellness clinic in Haslet, Texas. She has hosted wellness shows on TV and Radio for 20 years.Getting Better with Ann Beal incorporates a talk show, a health and wellness show, and a motivational empowerment show all in one. Ann and her guests share their lessons on how to get better in every area of life, sharing what they have learned and giving better insight into how to live a healthy and successful life. Getting Better incorporates all areas of wellness including financial, emotional, spiritual, occupational, mental, and physical to allow you to truly keep getting better every week. #AnnBeal #GettingBetter #LivingWell #LifeCoach #Self-Improvement #Woman-Owned #HealthWellness #HealthyLiving #LifeSolutions #LifeCoaching #MentalHealth #TalkRadio #SelfHelpBe sure to follow, like and subscribe to Ann Beal's social media pages.


New Season Opener: Buck Storm The Light Part 1

Biblical Fiction Author Q&A: Buck Storm (The Light)Buck Storm

Buck Storm is a recording artist and touring musician, as well as the critically-acclaimed, award-winning Christian fiction author of eight novels, including The List, Truck Stop Jesus, The Beautiful Ashes of Gomez Gomez, Miracle Man, and Venus Sings the Blues, among others. His books and songs have made friends around the world. A native of Yuma, AZ, he now makes his home in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. In this interview, Buck talks about the new expanded edition of his Biblical fiction book, The Light, which is part of his First Century Series.

The Light is certainly outside the Literary Americana genre my readers have come to expect from my books. But when I was approached a few years ago about writing a story that was biblically, culturally, and historically accurate following the spiritual awakening of Nicodemus (a Pharisee) and Joseph of Arimathea (a Sadducee) to the truth of the Messiah I was intrigued. Here were two men as different politically—and even religiously—as night and day. Yet they came together to remove Jesus’s body from the cross and bury it. Their differences crumbled in the bright light of Something Higher. What was their journey? I knew it had to be fascinating. I started with a book called The List, the Christ story from the perspective of two men pulled—kicking and screaming at times—to the truth of prophetic scripture. It’s a tale not only of friendship, but salvation. But for me the story wasn’t over. While The List followed an intellectual pathway to Jesus, this isn’t everybody’s experience. Sometimes we’re just too broken to think. I know this has been the case in my own life. My road has not been smooth and tidy. So, I wrote The List both as a continuation, but also a novel that definitely stands on its own. While The Light still addresses the intellectual case for Jesus, it also meets readers in a deeply personal way. It is an insistent pressing in of love. A rescue mission. A great read for believers and doubters alike.

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 June 26, 2023  27m