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Avatar: The Way Of Water and Movie Round Robin

Boy, you're in for a treat with this one! Starting off, Carl's latest hair-scapade has him looking like a cockatiel, and we can't help but chuckle. We also touch on our latest obsessions from the small and big screen - everything from the mind-bending world of Black Mirror to the wild landscapes of Yellowstone, and an unmissable documentary on Arnie himself.

We dissect why some Marvel Cinematic Universe characters have lost their appeal and wade through our disappointment with the Avatar franchise. There's some lively debate as we compare James Cameron and George Lucas, and voice our thoughts on the casting of Sam Worthington.

We wrap up the episode with a thrilling game of movie round robin, discussing actors from various films and reflecting on the Avatar franchise. Tune in to be a part of our lively conversation!


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 July 8, 2023  56m