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NC Shop Talk is a no limits interview show that shares never before heard tips, secrets, and hilarious conversations with today's biggest names in the auto, aircraft, & carpet industries. Join Mal Maher, owner of NC Carpet Binding, as he interviews today's most talented craftsmen. You'll pick up some new vendors, how to grow your business, and he'll be asking some wild questions that you've never heard answered before. Connect with Mal and NC Carpet: Website: Instagram: nc_carpet_binding


episode 35: New NC Distributorship Announced

It's halfway through 2023, and you're probably in your busiest season. What plans do you have for the rest of the year? What are you doing that will make a big difference in your business? If you're focused, there are many things you can get into place to end the year strong. 

In this episode, Mal shares his exciting plans for the coming months, including the return to SEMA with fantastic giveaways, Bless A Soldier Project, a new sponsorship, and many more. Plus, you get to hear a debate on whether or not you should hire a helper. 

Joining Mal today in support of his plans is a 3-time guest, Industry Royalty Nadeem Muaddi, co-founder of The Hog Ring, an online community for auto upholstery professionals. If you're into custom upholstery and want to grow personally and professionally, being a member of The Hog Ring community can do wonders for you. 

Don't be left behind. Tune in to know what NC Carpet and The Hog Ring has in store for you. 

“If you are going to hire someone and you can only afford to hire one person, hire someone who can do social media and marketing.”

– Nadeem Muaddi

In This Episode:

  • Mal's plans and giveaways for SEMA 2023
  • Watch out for the new carpet shears from Italy - Are they better than Kai scissors?
  • What's on the horizon for The Hog Ring?
  • Debate: To hire or not to hire a helper when growing your business
  • Are you a military veteran wanting to enter the custom auto industry? Mal is looking for you! Find out how you or someone you know can qualify for this project
  • Watch out for some more exciting ideas from Mal
  • Here's a bit of business advice from Nadeem that will make a huge impact on your business growth
  • Mal and Nadeem talk about podcast guest selection - Are you willing to get on the show?

And more!


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