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episode 31: Celebrating 20 Years of Podcasting with Rob Greenlee and Christopher Lydon


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Guess what? Podcasting is celebrating its 20th anniversary and I have the honor of discussing this milestone with none other than Rob Greenlee, one of the first podcasters in the world! Rob shares his views on the journey of podcasting, the role of commercialization and the significance of major companies in the industry. And there's more - we also get nostalgic about the genesis of podcasting with the pioneer himself, Christopher Lydon, who applauds podcasting as a platform for impactful discourse.

Are you curious about the evolution of podcasting? Allow Rob to guide you through the remarkable transformation of this medium. From humble beginnings to the advent of high-quality audio and riveting content, and its emergence as an activist catalyst of change, we explore it all. We also probe the influence of mainstream media, the importance of independent voices, and the crucial role of trust in podcasting.

Technology enthusiasts, hold tight for this one - we delve into the latest advancements in podcasting tools. Spotlight on AI-powered tools like Spot On and Adthos that have revolutionized commercial delivery and production. But wait, there's a twist! We express apprehensions about the use of voice cloning technology in enhancing listener engagement. Wrapping up, we introduce you to the novel idea of podcast location tagging by topic, alongside the advantages of utilizing OpenStreetMap IDs. So, tune in and take a leap into the future of podcasting!

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