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EPISODE 104: Goosebumps In The Night

Amber and Rax (btw love how we write these in the 3rd person like we have a fancy producer, it's just us) anyway, Amber and Rax (definitely not us) talked about the Goosebumps books series and it's superstar author R.L. Stine. The series is known for getting boys into reading, and being despised by adults and critics, which is how you knew it was cool. Listener beware, you're in for a scare, not really, just some fun facts and opinions on children's books.

Amber got most of the information in today's pod from this book! What’s So Scary About R. L. Stine (Patrick Stones, 1998)   Also some good stuff in these articles and interviews: Proposed Goosebumps Ban is Misguided (Coney Kingrey, Biz Journals, 1997)   Giving 11 Year Olds Nightmares Since 1992 (Katy Waldman, Slate, 2012)   R.L. Stine Explains How He Managed to Publish One Goosebumps Book a Month (Ryan Buxton, Huffington Post, 2014) ‘I Never Wanted To Be Scary’: An Interview With R L Stine (Chris Plante, The Verge, 2015)   R.L. Stine’s Top 13 Writing Tips (Bobby Powers, Writing Cooperative, 2021)

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 August 1, 2023  1h6m