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497: Showing Love

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. This week we bring you a NC salute, E-40 getting love from the Bay, Biggie getting love from Brooklyn, the Chef getting love from Jersey, and Melle Mel…well ….Let’s listen

* NC Raise Up (6:57)

* E-40 Way (9:31)

* Spread Love (10:56)

* Queen Beeography (14:31)

* Em Claps Back (19:30)

* D.O.C. Stands With Em (31:33)

* Diddy Strikes Out (35:32)

* Traitors (38:27)

* Wu News (46:35)a. New York J-E-T-S Fan (47:43)b. M-E-N-T-A-L Health (54:40)c. Chef – 1 Church – 0 (1:04:58)

* One and Done – M.C. Luscious (1:08:40)

* Record of the Week – Outsidaz “The Bricks” (1:19:45)

* Bill Reads Lyrics (1:35:54)

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 2023-08-10  1h49m