Dungeons & Damsels

Dungeons & Damsels is a medieval fantasy sword and sorcery audio drama series by Unchained Productions. Episodes are stand-alone short stories of different characters throughout the same fantasy world.



episode 9: “Laallafee’s City Adventure" (Part 3 of 5) S3E9 ~ A Fireside Adventure short story of the Dungeons & Damsels Series by Unchained Productions

Laallafee continues her story at fireside of how the party conspired to rescue her half-blood city contact from a kidnapping band of thieves, and Tuntemus the Arcanist comes up with a cunning plan.

Written & directed by David Ian.  Voice talent by Jack Harvison, Karyn O’Bryant, Daniel Rhovan, Erin Suminsby & Zoe Waits; Sound Engineering by Dino De Aelfweald; Sound Design by David Ian; Theme by Ron Perovich; Music by Marc Rose; Medieval Music by Jonny Easton; “Laallafee’s City Adventure” is a Fireside Adventure short story of the Dungeons & Damsels series by Unchained Productions   

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 August 15, 2023  12m