Mr. Throwback Thursday

Join award winning hosts Bill Winters and Jamie Robinson, as they take you back to a time where hip-hop meant something. A time where you were not ashamed to say, "I AM HIP-HOP!" We are here every week to talk classic hip-hop, you should be too!


498: Baby, Baby, Baby

This week on the Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast, we bring you a Fresh in Peace, apologies all around….kind of, a new book, the return of a magazine, an admission of tomfoolery, and defining songs. What else? ….Let’s listen.

* Fresh in Peace

* Diss Me? Diss You!

* Sorry, Is All That You Can Say

* No Apology

* ?uestBook

* Word Up!

* Admitting the Hoax

* Celebrate Good Times

* Wu Newsa. Governing Bodyb. A-V-O-I-D-ing Beef

* One and Done – Positively Black

* Record of the Week – South Park Mexican “Hustle Town“

* Bill Reads Lyrics

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 2023-08-17  1h56m