Lied can fly

Nothing comes as close to your heart as a Lied. It is a small piece of music, but very intimate and pure. The classic and romantic Lied repertoire is practiced around the world, but what about contemporary Lied writing? This Podcast is meant to be a window for contemporary Lied, presenting composers, poets and musicians, all alive, all producing Lied for many years. It is time to open the treasure chest and let Lied fly around the world to find you.


episode 7: The Tired Sun II

The next part of the song cycle is taking us in a warm area, where love is embedding every step of the wanderer. But isn't it just a utopian wish? The Vienna based composer Alexander Keuk and poet Sabine Bergk talk about the sun, the cage of time, small things becoming universal and the beauty and intensity of a moment.

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 September 22, 2023  16m