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RSA 08/15/2016

With the incredible heat and humidity I actually had to stay in on Saturday. This is good for finishing the show. However, I then realized I would have to turn off all of the devices (Fan, AC, Dehumidifier) that were making my studio bearable in order to complete the show. So for a whole 15 minutes that I needed of silence, I sweated out RSA just for you. Literally this time.

Chrom - The Start Of Something New
Avarice In Audio - Juvenile Desires (Entrzelle)
Voicecoil - Perfect Dark (Imperative Reaction)
Nature Of Wires And CountessM - Reaction
Mesh - Kill Your Darlings (Aesthetic Perfection)
Metroland - Brother (Restriction 9)
Liquid Newt - Walk With Scars (Remix)
Spark! - Monolog


 2016-08-16  38m