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Taylor, Kanye and Justin

We're back on one of our favourite topics: generation of energy. In this episode, we talk to Thomas Klinger, scientific director of the fusion machine Wendelstein 7-X. But how did Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Justin Bieber get in here? And why do they appear the very moment natural scientists are asked to not listen too closely? For answers, you might have to listen to this episode.

From now on, we'll list the music directly under each episode. We used:

  • Broke For Free – Drop of Water In the Ocean
  • Kelly Latimore – Ode to the Draft Horse
  • Daniel Veesey, Sonata No 05 in C Minor Op 10 No 1 – II Adagio molto
  • Juanitos – Sambarama
  • Cloudkicker – Signal Noise
  • Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet – Tiempo Especial
  • Edvard Grieg – Lyrics Pieces 3, played by Edward Rosser
  • Beethoven – Corolian Overture, played by Czech National Orchestra.

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 2016-10-11  23m