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Ep. 62: NBA Deep Dive w/ Haralabos Voulgaris

HBO's Bill Simmons and NBA gambler extraordinaire Haralabos Voulgaris break down the 2015-16 NBA season. Topics include: canned NBA coaches, the Spurs' innovation (9:00), SVG's and Brad Stevens's stellar seasons (13:00), Suns-Lakers '06 (25:00), Kyrie comparisons (28:00), Kevin Love's ceiling (34:00), Kawhi vs. Durant (38:00), best shooters in NBA history (42:00), the Warriors' home record vs. the '86 Celtics' home record (49:00), the best NBA owners (59:00), the 2015 NBA draft class (1:09:00), and NBA trade deadline must-do deals (1:11:00).


 2016-02-10  1h17m