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episode 38: Hot Wheels Here He Comes

Finding Mal and Randy! Get a chance to win a bunch of cool stuff from NC Carpet Binding and Moore & Giles at the 2023 SEMA Show happening November 1-4, 2023. Plus, get discounts and an extended 5-year limited warranty when you buy machines from NC Carpet Binding. 

Hot Wheels are one of the most loved toy cars in the world. That's no exaggeration. The design and build of the cars are just simply spectacular! It takes superb craftsmanship to build a life-size Hot Wheels. And today's guest has exactly what it takes to make one. 

Mikey Brown is an inspired builder of Nostalgic Drag Cars and other weird gems based out of Deputy, IN. His unique style pairs with unbelievable talent to bring his ideas from Paper to Pavement. 

Mikey’s imagination was first sparked in childhood from collecting Hot Wheels. He was even customizing model cars! Before he could drive, he took up building Lowrider bicycles and took home several trophies. 

Follow Mikey's story in today's conversation with Mal at NC Shop Talk!

“Whatever you guys see as trash, it can be turned into something cool.”

– Mikey Brown

In This Episode:

  • How Mal and Mikey met
  • Mikey shares his thought process when creating something out of nothing
  • The story of a tiny stove that Mikey bought online for his wife
  • A brief background on Mikey’s childhood and his passion for superior craftsmanship
  • The idea behind Paper to Pavement 
  • The three paths Mikey was willing to take and how they led him to where he is now
  • What challenges did Mikey as he pursued his calling?
  • What the Pickle Jar signifies for Mikey
  • Mikey proudly talks about his wife and kids
  • Hot Wheels wants creativity, authenticity, and garage spirit, and Mikey has them!
  • How to support Mikey's projects

And more!

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