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episode 52: 20052 Schütz, Heinrich: Il primo libro de madrigali, Op. 1

Heinrich Schütz (18 October 1585 – 6 November 1672) was a German early Baroque composer and organist, generally regarded as the most important German composer before Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as one of the most important composers of the 17th century. He is credited with bringing the Italian style to Germany and continuing its evolution from the Renaissance into the Early Baroque. Most of his surviving music was written for the Lutheran church, primarily for the Electoral Chapel in Dresden. He wrote what is traditionally considered the first German opera, Dafne, performed at Torgau in 1627, the music of which has since been lost, along with nearly all of his ceremonial and theatrical scores. Schütz was a prolific composer, with more than 500 surviving works.


  1. O primavera, SWV 1
  2. O dolcezze amarissime, SWV 2
  3. Selve beate, SWV 3
  4. Alma afflitta, SWV 4
  5. Così morir debb'io, SWV 5
  6. D'orrida selce alpina, SWV 6
  7. Ride la primavera, SWV 7
  8. Fuggi o mio core, SWV 8
  9. Feritevi, ferite, SWV 9
  10. Flamma ch'allacia, SWV 10
  11. Quella damma son io, SWV 11
  12. Mi saluta costei, SWV 12
  13. Io moro, eccho ch'io moro, SWV 13
  14. Sospir che del bel petto, SWV 14
  15. Dunque addio, SWV 15
  16. Tornate, o cari baci, SWV 16
  17. Di marmo siete voi, SWV 17
  18. Giunto è pur, Lidia, SWV 18
  19. Vasto mar, SWV 19

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