Children of Tendu

Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Emmy Award-winning writer/producer on "Lost" and creator of "The Middleman") and Jose Molina (writer/producer on "Sleepy Hollow," "Firefly," "Castle" and "Law & Order: SVU") share their hard-earned experiences, giving practical, straight-shooting advice on breaking into television and staying there!



The Post-Production of Tendu

In the last two Children of Tendu podcasts, Jose and Javi walked you through Pre-Production and Production... now comes the Grand Finale: Post - AKA: "what happens after you have written your script and it has been filmed". In this supersized special episode, Javi and Jose describe not just the massive effort required to get a show from the camera to the air, but also describe the vast army of artists involved, and lay out a blueprint for writers to successfully work their way through the process the Tendu way!


 2016-07-08  1h56m