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episode 218: Cultivating Secure Relating Community - TU Updates & Book Sneak Peeks with Ann & Sue

We’re back! With exciting updates from the TU team & sneak peeks about our book

Relating from a place of inner security is not about an attachment category, and it can’t stop with us as individuals. Ann and Sue share exciting news and community updates for TU. With secure relating at the forefront, this episode includes a sneak peek into the structure of their new book, Secure Relating Holding Your Own in an Insecure World. They explain the three R healing spiral, cultivating community, and much more! Now is a great time to join our online Neuronerd community! Find shownotes at

“You can relate securely no matter your history, no matter your age, no matter your bad habits or good habits – this is something that’s accessible to all of us.” – Sue Marriott

Sue & Ann – relaxing and recharging

Time Stamps for Cultivating Secure Relating 

1:00 – TU podcast and book updates

12:43 – Secure relating – how and why it is important and the driving force of the podcast

15:31 0 Book “Spoilers” – How to securely relate and stay centered with the chaos of the world 

19:08 – Breaking down the three R healing spiral, starting with recognition 

26:56 – Introducing the second R – reflection

30:54 – The third and final R – rewiring 

36:40 – How can I be secure when other people aren’t?

38:36 – Understanding how true safety is a privilege 

40:21 – Cultivating the rewiring process as a community 

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