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episode 40: Dreams, Desires, Desolation - English Song

Dreams, Desires, Desolation was created out of our love for English Song. The album comprises a real mixture of very familiar songs, along with some relatively unknown ones, and a few which were very popular in their day but have fallen out of fashion. There are also three world premiere recordings. We believe, despite the mixture of styles, each song brings something valid to our concept.”


  1. George Butterworth: Is my team plowing? (3:47)
  2. Frank Bridge: Come to me in my dreams (3:37)
  3. Charles Marshall: I hear you calling me (3:35)
  4. Roger Quilter: Now sleeps the crimson petal (2:10)
  5. Clive Pollard: Go song of mine* (3:34)
  6. Richard Hageman: Do not go my love (2:58)
  7. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Silent Noon (4:07)
  8. Frederick Keel: Remembrance (2:56)
  9. Victor Hely-Hutchinson: Dream Song (2:09)
  10. Frank Bridge: What shall I your true love tell? (4:15)
  11. Haydn Wood: Love’s garden of roses (4:04)
  12. Peter Gellhorn: Autumn**
  13. John Ireland: If there were dreams to sell (2:03)
  14. Cecil Armstrong Gibbs: Silver (2:52)
  15. Clive Pollard: The cloths of heaven* (2:41)
  16. Ralph Vaughan Williams: The sky above the roof (2:49)
  17. Cyril Scott: Lullaby (2:54)
  18. Amy Woodforde-Finden: Kashmiri Song (3:39)
  19. Roger Quilter: I arise from the dreams of thee (4:41)
  20. Frank Bridge: Journey’s End (3:58)
  21. Lucy Simon: How could I ever know (The Secret Garden) (3:03)

*First Recording
**First Commercial Recordings

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