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episode 219: Ditching Invulnerability: Embracing Our Most Authentic Selves

It’s time to start celebrating vulnerability

While just the word vulnerability can trigger our defenses, it can also be a great gateway to secure relating and deepening the connection with our authentic selves. In a society heavily influenced by social media, unhealthy gender roles, and many other factors – Ann and Sue dive into the importance of changing the narrative and stepping out of our defensive invulnerable state and into our healthy, vulnerable selves. 

“We’re swimming towards feeling vulnerability and recognizing it as not toxic – that is something desirable and something to be proud of” – Sue Marriott 

Time Stamps for Ditching Invulnerability

1:09 – Introduction to toxic invulnerability 

4:54 – Different ways we can stay in a place of invulnerability 

5:58 – Does being defensive mean I’m being invulnerable?

8:36 – How invulnerability is toxic on an individual level

9:30 – The relationship between perfectionism and invulnerability

14:05 – Social media’s influence on keeping us afraid of vulnerability

16:12 – Sue’s Beyonce anecdote 

19:51 – Practicing active vulnerability 

27:28 – Anxiety and invulnerability 

28:01 – Signs of invulnerability we may not recognize 

34:23 – Why we should call it harmful invulnerability versus toxic invulnerability

37:05 – Embracing our most authentic selves through vulnerability



Resources for Ditching Invulnerability

Brene Brown’s Website – A resource where you can find her content on shame and vulnerability

“It’s Not All in Your Head – You Do Focus Differently on Zoom” – Scientific American article on Zoom and human connection

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