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Deep Dive: 'Barbie'

Greta Gerwig and the creative team of "Barbie" discuss the musical evolution of the Warner Brothers' film and the unusual way that the pop songs being written for the film ended up informing score, tone, the opening and ending of the film, and even Barbie's heart. This Deep Dive also features "Barbie" editor Nick Houy and co-composers Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.

Music used in this episode:

  • Pink Opening Theme - Barbie Score
  • You Failed Me! - Barbie Score
  • Dance The Night - Dua Lipa
  • Deprogramming - Barbie Score
  • The Pope of Greenwich Village - Dave Grusin, Musica
  • Starlight Express
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Laser Version)
  • It Might Be You (Theme from Tootsie)
  • Ken Thinks - Barbie Score
  • Stairway to Weird Barbie - Barbie Score
  • To Live And Die In L.A - Wang Chung
  • Mattel - Barbie Score
  • What Was I Made For - Billie Eillish
  • What Was I Made For (Instrumental) - Barbie Score
  • Meeting Ruth - Barbie Score
  • I’m Just Ken
  • The Warmth Of Your Gaze - Barbie Score

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 November 30, 2023  27m