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A podcast about video games. What a novel idea. Dave Ryan, Mark Robinson, Jack Layzell and Garrett Kidney bring you the latest in video games and nerd culture ephemera.


Link To The Cast #26: DOOM

Aloha internet! It's been a whiiiile..... Welcome back for a brand spanking new edition of Link To The Cast! On this week's show *Brian is still hanging with yer boy T-Clance in The Division *Mark is so utterly, hopelessly lost in Stardew Valley addiction. *Is Quantum Break an early shout for Best 7/10 Game Of The Year? Dave reckons so. *Plus all this week's gaming news and views. Our LTTC Book Club this week is a very special one for Dave. It's the first game he ever played (as a child waaaaaay too young to have done so), and it is largely to blame for his love of gaming that endures to this day: id Software's iconic DOOM. Listen, like, share, find us on iTunes (rate us there too to be extra nice), and enjoy! If you wanna contact us for our mailbag, or just to say hi, or if you just want to keep up to date on our content as it’s posted, check out the following: LTTC Cover Art- @EamoV1 Outro Music- WINNO365: '8 Bit- Just A Day (Feeder)'

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 2016-04-21  1h55m