Link To The Cast

A podcast about video games. What a novel idea. Dave Ryan & Mark Robinson bring you the latest in video game news, and take a little time every week to have a look back at an important game from the past.


Link To The Cast #16: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher please! Link To The Cast is back, in spite of all the obstacles in our way (namely dragging Brian away from Fallout for more than five minutes)! Before we get to that, Dave tells us about some of the cool new party games he and the guys have been enjoying over Halloween at home. Then Brian finally gets to wax lyrical about his new life in Fallout 4. On top of that we have all the big news stories of the week, including a couple of very strange ones, and our usual Book Club feature, where this week we give long overdue praise to one of the best games of this year- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Listen, like, share, find us on iTunes (rate us there too to be extra nice), and enjoy!


 2015-11-11  2h10m