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A podcast about video games. What a novel idea. Dave Ryan & Mark Robinson bring you the latest in video game news, and take a little time every week to have a look back at an important game from the past.


Link To The Cast #15: Far Cry 2

Welcome to the Link to The Cast Halloween Spooktacular! ....except, we kinda forgot it was Halloween til we were already recording, so we got nothing..... Join us this week as Brian gives us a quick rundown of Wasteland 2: Electric Boogaloo, Dave celebrates beating The Witcher 3, and also had time to play WWE 2K16 and indie darling The Beginner's Guide. On top of that we have a metric ton of news from Sony at Paris Games Week, a few non-PGW news notes, and Brian takes the reigns of the Book Club this week (for which there was a false start too funny to edit out), as he makes a case for the significance of Far Cry 2. Listen, like, share, hit the iTunes button on our channel page (rate us there too to be extra nice), and enjoy!


 2015-10-31  1h48m