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A podcast about video games. What a novel idea. Dave Ryan & Mark Robinson bring you the latest in video game news, and take a little time every week to have a look back at an important game from the past.


Link To The Cast #13: Dead Space

Number 13, unlucky for some! It's another episode of Link To The Cast! On this week's second attempt to record this show (more on that at the start of the show): *Brian willingly subjects himself to Battlefield 4 *Dave weighs in on the FIFA vs. Pro Evo debate *Mark joins us live via satellite for his own update segment (hence the longer show) *All the big news in gaming. and of course this week's Link To The Cast book club, in which Brian is alone in space and would very much appreciate adult supervision: Dead Space. Listen, like, download, subscribe on iTunes or your podcast client of preference, and sure go ahead and give us a nice rating on there like a pal. [Note from Dave: sorry about my audio issues during the Mark segment, that will give you a taste of why we had to re-record everything else.]


 2015-10-04  2h4m