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Edward Snowden Won't Tell You Who He's Voting For (That's Private!)

This interview was recorded as part of RadioLoveFest, produced by WNYC and BAM. It's an excerpt from a long, live discussion held at BAM in Brooklyn on March 11, 2016, where Brian interviewed Edward Snowden and journalist/filmmaker Laura Poitras. Click here to listen to the full 90 minutes.

Former intelligence officer Edward Snowden feels strongly about transparency, but he's a little more private when it comes to talking about who he'll vote for in the 2016 presidential election.

"There was a time when we were not expected to answer that question." But he will vote with an absentee ballot from where he lives in Russia.

On March 11th, Brian interviewed filmmaker Laura Poitras and former intelligence officer Edward Snowden (via Google Hangouts) on the BAM stage for RadioLoveFest. Today we're playing an excerpt about Snowden's take on American politics from his new home halfway across the world.

"If you have presidential candidates who are not skeptical about the dangers of mass surveillance in the modern day, it should be alarming."

And Snowden weighs in on Clinton's email controversy and whether she made government information more vulnerable:

"The attack surface, as we call it in our language, was extraordinarily broadened in a way that’s, shall we say, risky. “

.@Snowden's here.

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 2016-03-17  20m