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episode 99: 20099 Dimitri Cervo - Complete Works for Piano from 1985 to 2023

Composer and Latin Grammy-nominated conductor Dimitri Cervo presents in this album his complete piano works, in a comprehensive selection of pieces that span nearly four decades of creative output.
 Interpreted by Lucas Thomazinho, one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary piano scene, the album showcases the ongoing artistic evolution and rich diversity of musical influences that permeate Cervo's body of work.
 The album features three distinct phases in Cervo's compositional journey: The first phase, spanning from 1985 to 1997, is notably marked by the influence of classical piano repertoire, with special reverence for the works of Scriabin and Chopin, whose works were intensely studied by Cervo during his academic piano training. Standouts from this phase include Estudo (1985), with its intricate rhythmic changes, and Prelúdio Titanic (1985), an evocative piece that portrays the history of the famous ship. The second creative phase (1998-2010) is characterized by the innovative fusion of distinctive elements of Brazilian music with minimalism. Finally, the third and current phase, which began in 2011 and continues to the present day, is marked by the amalgamation of various influences and the consolidation of the composer's artistic maturity and innovative vision in the contemporary musical landscape.

1. Estudo (1985) (01:11)
 2. Prelúdio in B Major (1985) (01:49)
 3. Prelúdio “Titanic” (1985) (01:39)
 4. Prelúdio in C-Sharp (1988) (01:27)
 5. Toccata Fantástica (1989) (04:41)
 6. Prelúdio I (1990) (01:57)
 7. Prelúdio II (1991) (02:33)
 8. Prelúdio III (1990) (02:48)
 9. Prelúdio IV (1995) (03:33)
 10. Flot (1994) (07:28)
 11. Brasil 2000 (1998) (07:54)
 12. Tema para Filme I (2005) (03:22)
 13. Tema para Filme II (1989) (03:00)
 14. Tema para Filme III (2007) (04:02)
 15. Tema para Filme IV (2008) (01:35)
 16. Tema para Filme V (2008) (04:32)
 17. Tema para Filme VI (1987) (00:59)
 18. Tema para Filme VII (2021) (01:23)
 19. Variações Ternas Sobre um Tema de Ronaldo Miranda (2022) (05:41) 

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