Dungeons & Damsels

Dungeons & Damsels is a medieval fantasy sword and sorcery audio drama series by Unchained Productions. Episodes are stand-alone short stories of different characters throughout the same fantasy world.



Season 3 Trailer Dungeons & Damsels ~ Samples of Scenes & Characters from Season 3

Trailer for Dungeons & Damsels audio drama series samples of Scenes & Characters from Season 3, featuring the voice talents of John Campbell, KC Cooper, Jack Harvison, David Ian, Flloyd Kennedy, David Loftus, Sam A. Mowry, Karyn O’Bryant, Daniel Rhovan, Erin Suminsby, Zoe Waits, Chelsea Janzen Williams & Joshua Winter


Sound Engineering by Dino De Aelfweald; Sound Design by David Ian; Theme by Ron Perovich; Music by Marc Rose; Medieval Music by Jonny Easton; Season 3 Trailer is a short feature of the Dungeons & Damsels series by Unchained Productions   

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 January 25, 2024  6m