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Scoreboard Sh*thousery: Peter Crouch Calls Out Chris Stark

Well, well, well…..what a footballing start to the year it has been for Master Stark. Not only has he been able to nab a 3 pointer but he’s extended his lead on Crouchy and Sids after another very successful weekend. 

But fear not, it is straight back to the business end for the lads who are on fine form this week. 

Crouchy, Chris and Sids give their hot take on Ivan Toney’s controversial return to the Premier league, and Notorious is on hand to share some of his most memorable moments with the man, the myth, the legend that is Graham Stack. 

It is also an FA Cup special this week, with the lads looking at Arsenal v Palace, Chelsea v Aston Villa and, of course Chris’ beloved Watford v Southampton. 

Expect some scoring sh*thousery, VAR-cissistic behaviour and some piss poor punditry only on this week’s Friday episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast


00:00 Intro

02:24 Ivan Tony's

06:18 STATO!

07:27 Graham Stack

14:21 Arsenal v Palace

18:09 Chelsea v Aston Villa

22:42 Watford v Southampton

28:25 Shirts and Hob titles

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 January 26, 2024  33m