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Since 2010, the We Hate Movies podcast has been loudly celebrating and tearing apart movies from across the spectrum: from forgotten '80s actioners and insane romantic comedies of the '90s, to the early CGI blockbusters of the aughts and the hyper-nostalgic franchises of the 2010s and today. Every week, comedians Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka, and Chris Cabin pick a movie from the near-past to discuss and joke around about in all its positive and negative glory.



episode 724: Safe House (1998)

“I think the beauty of [this movie], if there is, is that Patrick Stewart gets to act like a child through most of this! - Chris 

On this week’s episode, this one’s a long-time coming as we finally chat about the ridiculous Patrick Stewart made-for-Showtime thriller, Safe House! What’s with this abhorrent Pool Man character and the impressions? How hilarious is it that the so-called villain’s name is pronounced like, “Michael Moore”? How many times has Patrick Stewart’s character almost been sued by maids and groundskeepers for all the ‘drills’ he runs around them? And why couldn’t we get a little more Hector Elizondo in this movie? PLUS: John Wayne tries to order lunch at a Wendy’s! 

Safe House stars Patrick Stewart, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Hector Elizondo, Joy Kilpatrick, and Craig Shoemaker as Stuart; directed by Eric Steven Stahl.

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 February 20, 2024  1h57m