I Brew My Own Coffee

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episode 9: Episode 9 - Monarch Methods

In the ninth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, we chat with Chris Chekan of Monarch Methods. The man behind one of the most beautifully hand made coffee kettles. We chat about how he got started and the reasons behind starting Monarch Methods to create well thought, quality coffee products. Show Notes

  • Monarch Methods Story
  • “I believe our tools should not only work properly to produce the best possible cup, but they should also be a joy to use and even a pleasure to view or to hold.”
  • Pilot Coffee Roasters
  • Monarch Methods on Product Hunt
Monarch Methods Links
  • monarchmethods.com
  • 320ml Copper Kettle
  • 500ml Copper Kettle
  • Pour Over Stand
  • Instagram: @monarchmethods


 2015-02-03  22m