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“It’s Not a Two Horse Race” Crouchy BACKTRACKS on Arsenal Title hopes

On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are back at base and are joined by the elusive Notorious SID who has some explaining to do as to his recent whereabouts….

Crouchy, Chris and Sids rue another disappointing week on the leaderboard which collectively saw all the lads only accumulate 1 point between them - ouch!

However, the ever confident Chris Stark insists that all hope is not last and it definitely isn’t squeaky bum time for any of the lads when it comes to the end of season forfeit as there is still just under a third of the season yet to be played. 

After another massive win for Arsenal last week, Crouchy admits that he may have been a bit hasty in calling it a two horse race a few weeks back and that Liverpool’s injury list means that the season could end up being a lot closer than initially thought. 

Looking ahead to this weekend’s games, Peter and the lads give their predictions on the Arsenal v Newcastle, Man Utd v Fulham and Aston Villa v Nott’m Forest games. With the lads threatening to cancel football Fridays if their predictions don’t improve you certainly will not want to miss what could potentially be the last Friday pod ever!

Leave your predictions and forfeit suggestions in the comments below!

00:00 -  Intro

06:29 - Cancel the Friday Pod?!

10:57 - About Last Weekend…

13:31 - The Sh*thousery Continues

16:10 - Arsenal v Newcastle

19:34 - Man Utd v Fulham

23:16 - Aston Villa vs. Nottingham Forest 

25:09 - Squeaky Bum Time 

27:34 - Mclovin a Bluey

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 February 23, 2024  30m