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episode 306: CHEERS to Phoef Sutton

Phoef Sutton, an Emmy-winning writer and showrunner, best known for his work on the iconic television series "Cheers."  Phoef recounts the highs and lows of the TV industry, sharing stories from the writers' room, his transition from a budding writer to a celebrated showrunner, and the creative process behind some of television's most memorable moments.



  • The Beginning: How a spec script for "Cheers" kicked off Phoef's career, offering him a seat in one of the most revered writers' rooms in television history.
  • Rising Through the Ranks: Phoef discusses his journey from staff writer to executive producer, revealing the skills and tenacity required to succeed in Hollywood.
  • Behind the Scenes of "Cheers": Insights into the making of a TV classic, including working with the cast and crew, and the challenges of keeping a long-running show fresh.
  • Creative Process: Phoef shares his approach to storytelling, character development, and what it takes to write compelling television that resonates with audiences.
  • Advice to Aspiring Writers: Valuable lessons and advice for those looking to carve out their own path in the competitive world of television writing.

A must-listen for fans of television history, aspiring writers, and anyone interested in the art and craft of storytelling.


You're going to love my conversation with Phoef Sutton

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