Enemy in Paris: An Emily in Paris Hate-Watch

A rage-watch podcast recapping every awful episode of the show we all love to hate: Emily in Paris. Begrudgingly hosted by Bec Hill and Sam Kieffer.



Une Petit Update (Deux)

Thank you everyone for your patience during this trying time. We can't wait to return with Season 2 (and a metric tonne of BONUS content for our Patreon supporters) soon!

In the meantime, get your Sam Kieffer and Bec Hill fixes by listening to Nerd Poker and A Problem Squared wherever you get your podcasts.

And if THAT isn't enough, you can always subscribe to the Enemy in Paris patreon - https://www.patreon.com/EnemyinParis - where there's hopefully enough bonus content to keep you sated until the next episode is released.

Until then, take care of yourselves, Bucket Hats! We love you! (We hate Emily.)

(P.S. Another big thanks to Lauren Armstrong-Carter who helped make this announcement listenable while we experience some technical difficulties.)

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 March 6, 2024  1m